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Our vision

We believe thriving businesses are at the root of thriving communities. A community can only thrive if the business(es) of which are a part, thrive.

Our mission

To make a thriving impact to communities by providing stress-free, peace of mind digital marketing services to business owners and by dedicating a percentage of each and every transaction we receive, to charities, non-profit or community organizations of the business owner’s choice.

Our Values


We are consistent in our efforts to transform your business. We ensure that we remain consistent in every single interaction and transaction.


What we say matches what we do.  We value our clients and know how important it is to them that we abide by our words.


We are committed to deliver on our promises to you. Our goal is to make sure that you are highly satisfied with our services.


Charmaine has spent her life in two different countries which have opposing temperatures for the majority of the year. Ask her which one she prefers and she’ll tell you it depends on the time of year. Charmaine graduated with a Specialized Honours Bachelors degree in Psychology from one of the largest universities in Canada. Charmaine has proven digital marketing experience and industry certifications to support the training that she has received. She is a part of The Social Clique, Rachel Pedersen’s elite Mentorship and Mastermind program of top marketing strategists. When she is not working, she can be found working out, volunteering, journalling or reading.

Her certifications

Digital Marketing Strategist
Direct-Response Copywriting Specialist
Search Marketing Specialist
paid ads certification badge
Ecommerce Marketing Specialist badge

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